Sirio Acciai was born in 1987 on the basis of a great experience in the fields of special steels and forge in order to offer a quickly service in the preparation and cut to sizes of die and tools steels.

At the same time was created a commercial structure for sale from steel plant of these products in all Europe, co-operating as sole agents first with primary German producer and starting from the year 2001, as sole agent for all European market of Sorel Forge Co (Canada), one of the first world producer specialized in plastic mold steels.

The company philosophy has always been centred on products of high quality and the customer service.

In 2004 Sirio Acciai took part in the creation of Sideria Acciai Utensili srl that specialized in the supply and cut to size of hot working die steels; in 2006 was born Sideria Consulting srl that on the basis of a thorough metallurgical knowledge is giving a great contribution to the disclosure of new steel qualities as well as the technical metallurgical consulting for our customers.